Renewal certifications:

  • Physician review of patient’s medical marijuana treatment progress
  • Patient evaluation/review of medical history
  • Physician re-certification
  • Document preparation & revision
  • Legal news updates
  • Question & Answer session with one of our consultants

Fees involved: $100 renewal fee (due upon completion of visit)
Discounts:We offer a discount fee of $75 to individuals who are currently receiving SSI, SSD, Medicaid, food stamps, or other state assistance. We also have reduced rates for groups of 2 or more.

What should a renewal patient expect?
The re-certification process can be simplified into three steps:


Upon checking into the clinic, renewal patients begin the certification process by completing a series of health questionnaires and the state-issued renewal application. Patients are encouraged to bring ANY medical records that they have pertaining to their medical condition, including, but not limited to: prescribed medications, medical reports, current treatment plans, doctor letters, & medical bills. In the event that an individual is not able to bring their medical records with them, we will ask him/her to complete a medical release form while on premises. [We will not directly notify your current primary care physician or treating specialist of your medical marijuana certification.]


Patients then receive a brief vital health assessment by our nurse prior to their physician evaluation. Our physician will follow up regarding any debilitating symptoms are still affecting your lifestyle and the effectiveness of your medical marijuana treatment. Any question or concern regarding the patient’s marijuana treatment may be addressed at this time.


Once the physician has completed a patient’s documents, our staff will fully prepare a ready-to-mail envelope for the patient, containing all documentation required to submit to the state. Our knowledgeable consultants will conduct an individualized orientation with each patient, covering the following: proper methods of document submission, patient rights and protections, legal news and updates, and much more! Patients will then be issued a temporary license that becomes valid on the 21st day from the day that their ready-to-mail envelope was sent to the state. Original patient cards will remain valid until their listed expiration date.