Affected area:

Eye disease associated with increased fluid pressure within the eyes; leads to optic nerve damage, vision loss, and even blindness; there are two commonly recognized forms of glaucoma: open-angle and acute angle-closure

Common symptoms:

Open-angle glaucoma: gradual loss of peripheral vision (both eyes), tunnel vision
Acute angle-closure glaucoma: Severe eye pain (may result in nausea/vomiting); sudden onset of visual impairment that is worsened in dimmed lighting, blurred vision, seeing rings around lights, eye reddening.

How marijuana helps:

Ingesting marijuana has been shown to lower intraocular pressure (IOP), enhancing vision and reducing pain in glaucoma patients. As a result, medical marijuana may help to halt or reverse the deterioration of the optic nerve and/or delay the need for surgical intervention in individuals with glaucoma.

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