About MMMA

Established in 2009, Michigan Medical Marihuana Advocates has proven itself as a field leader, committed to providing medical marijuana patients with a safe and professional medical evaluation in a compassionate, caring environment. Our understanding and knowledgeable staff strives to educate our patients as well as provide them with relevant information and resources regarding their medical marijuana treatment options.


At Michigan Medical Marihuana Advocates we remain steadfast in our commitment to the patient experience. As a distinguished organization, we regard patient comfort, health, safety, legal well-being, and awareness as main objectives.

Michigan Medical Marihuana Advocates takes pride not only in its staff, physicians, and facility; but also in the assured quality of our medical services. At MMMA, qualified patients receive more than a simple medical marijuana certification. We take time with patients individually, in order to provide them each with appropriate information so that they medicate themselves in a responsible and healthy manner that is in full compliance with the state law.

Moreover, MMMA has received recognition as a stable resource center for connecting patients to places and businesses that can further aid them as they explore their medical marijuana choices.